Illustration Friday: Wings, and February

I have conflicted feelings about the original, Hans Christian Andersen, “Little Mermaid”. It’s not a happy story, per se (although I am more sympathetic the older I get). It’s Jane Eyre without the happy ending.

Illustration Friday: Wings

I did have a number of cut-paper birds and feathers which I hoped to make do double-duty as cover sketches and an Illustration Friday picture, but they are ALL being used, so instead I did a little cut-paper header for February:

2013 - February blog header

And here is the image on the February page of my kitchen calendar:

2013 February Calendar illustration

In other news: There was another flood! We were not flooded, but we didn’t have power for a few days, which is the reason for the latest Dalek hiatus. I did manage to post all about the Stranger Things Happen cover.

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