The Dalek from Snowy River

For Banjo Patterson’s “The Man from Snowy River“, which my father taught me and which I still know off by heart. I’ll keep my reservations on the film, and forgive it for “Jessica’s Theme“, and for letting you pretend to be riding down mountains when riding horses down a brief gully or bicycles down a slight incline (or on occasion when driving over speed bumps).

In other news: It has been flooding. Again. We didn’t have power, which is why this wasn’t posted last week. I did post about a series of illustrations I have been doing for Eclipse Online and art for Stranger Things Happen. But I’ve also been doing a lot of reading Agatha Christie and Jane Austen with my father, and watching out-takes from 90s tv shows with my housemate. And throwing out the contents of the refrigerator.