The Daleked Dog

The Daleked Dog

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for my one of my favourite Henry Lawson short stories, the 1901 story “The Loaded Dog”. It is about a dog which on its own caused more destruction than most Daleks, and was a favourite story for our family to read aloud when visitors were staying, or between larger books. You can read it in the collection Joe Wilson and his Mates, available from Project Gutenberg (“The Ghostly Door”, in that collection, is also a classic, but you’ll have to look elsewhere for the dog v ghost story “They Called Him Ally for Short”, about a dog called Alligator Desolation).

I do plan to draw more Daleks, but this is the last I had in the backlog and I have some upcoming deadlines (and I’d like to do some more duck drawings as well), so they may continue intermittent.

Also, I just returned from holidays and now have to go watch the first episode of this season!

2 thoughts on “The Daleked Dog

  1. I love ‘The Loaded Dog’. And I think this illustration is adorable … it looks like a Golden Retriever to me. Or maybe an Afghan Hound.

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