Weddings and pictures

Hodgkinson/Richardson wedding

Just before Easter, my cousin Jess married Dave in the trees on their property by the river in Nagambie (photos top and left are by my cousin Joanna Hiron). I posted about the invitation illustrations here: Victorian wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, full of music and family, flowers and lights, with small children and dogs underfoot and (I hear) some hay-bale tossing by late in the evening… and they printed the wedding invitation linework on the stubby holders, which was a first for my illustrations. A lovely weekend, followed by a vacation in Melbourne and road trip to Canberra with my mother (including sketching musicians in a hotel in Beechworth).

And on the topic of weddings, here is a little design I did as a gift for two friends, Thom and Lily (both photographers: ) who were married earlier of this year:

Thom & Lily

2 thoughts on “Weddings and pictures

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  2. That design for Thom and Lilly is exquisite. And now I understand a bit better how you craft such things, as I saw that X-acto knife. It helps me see how you can achieve such minute detail!

    The wedding mentioned in your post must have been beautiful.

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