Eclipse Online Illustrations – January 2013

Alas, Eclipse Online has closed, but the stories are still available online! And they are such very good stories. January’s illustrations were as follows:

First, The Advocate: a small-scale, lovely little story of interplanetary politics and the false privileges and real responsibilities of an unusual position of trust, by Genevieve Valentine.

I wanted to capture a little of the hopes and plans of the story, so went with the fourth sketch.

Genevieve Valentine Sketches

We tried a few colourways, but in the end decided on the red tone, to capture a little of the red Martian light which is so present in the story although it takes place on earth.


Genevieve Valentine Web
The second story for the month was F. Brett Cox’s The Amnesia Helmet – bitter nostalgia, part science fiction, part wish-fulfilment (and its consequences).

We went with the illustration involving helmet itself (constructed from a hair dryer), on the right, but I remain fond of the girl on the left, with her bobby socks and borrowed tools.

F Brett Cox illustration

5 thoughts on “Eclipse Online Illustrations – January 2013

  1. I had the privilege of reviewing several of these stories for SF Signal a few months back. Was really disappointed to hear that this was closing down. It was sad to see the actual printed Eclipse books go away and then to see this drop off too just poured salt into the wound. Your illustrations for the stories were fantastic.

    I really liked both of these stories that you referenced. Was really punched in the gut by the reality of what The Amnesia Helmet was about. Whoa!

  2. They were powerful! Some amazingly strong pieces, which I might not have had the opportunity to read otherwise (love this gig), and it’s very sad.

    Thank you.

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