Illustration Friday: Sweet

This week’s Illustration Friday picture began, as usual, with ballpoint notebook sketches. The White Witch and Edmund, with the enchanted Turkish Delight, were strong contenders, and then I remembered… (fair warning, this isn’t a pleasant story if you are fond of rabbits)

Illustration Friday: Sweet

Once, we lived out west and had two cats. One was fat and slept all day, the other was slender and twitchy, and assumed to be the huntress (as it turned out, there was a reason the first was well-fed and exhausted by daylight). As cats are wont to do, they occasionally left gifts – bouquets of feathers, mice with curled paws – on the verandah, usually for my mother. One day, the sacrifice was a young rabbit. Apparently unable to catch two (one for dinner and one for the boss), the cat compromised, ate the top half of the rabbit and left the bottom half propped up against the wall, spotlit in a beam of morning sun. My mother, awaking and emerging to greet the day, discovered this tribute and exclaimed, “Oh, how sweet! A little pair of furry britches!”

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