Once upon a time…

The Once Upon a Time fairytale group art show starts this week! Tomorrow evening (16 August 2013) in point of fact, with the opening beginning at 6pm. The show finishes on 25 August 2013 and is on from 10-4 every day after that (I think – I will check and confirm tomorrow!).

August 2013 Blog Header

The Art & Design Precinct, 10 Bailey St, West End, Brisbane

16-25 August, 2013

Facebook: Once Upon a Time



The snippet above is a sneak-peak at one of my works, with more to come, but not until the show is on! I have eight little cut-paper pieces in the show, with a theme of time, unravelling, paths of briars and stars.

It began with a combination of Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood, then moved into Diana Wynne Jones territory, and wandered out from there, through poems which went in part,

“When she was born
The great and grave,
Earnest and elegant
Givers of gifts gathered,
And said what was proper.

The godmother of all fairies
Arrived uninvited,
(As she always does)…”


“Who’s wise enough to know where each begins:
The path of needles, or the path of pins;
The way of briars, and the road of thorns;
The life you choose, or into which you’re born…”

and one of Trudi’s accordion sketchbooks filled with ideas, to be distilled at last into this set of stark, silhouette landscapes of stars and twisted trees, peopled with bold adventurers, cheerful foxes and (if you look closely) several intrepid mice.

There are 30 artists in the show, none of whom I have yet met, but the glimpses of art I saw peeking out of packing materials on delivery day look colourful and delightful.

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