Illustration Friday: Prehistoric

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Prehistoric”, so here is a love letter to girls who love dinosaurs, who can still name the dinosaurs from Land Before Time when they see the old Pizza Hut toys adorning the tow-bar of the car ahead, who stepped from Disney to Michael Crichton (my scary movie sequence went Pinocchio* –> Jurassic Park), and fell in love with science (and Jeff Goldblum).

It’s also practice at doing pieces from the ground up on the computer (although the texture is from some coffee-stained paper). I still prefer to work in physical media but Illustration Friday is an opportunity to train myself in new areas as well as test ideas and do trial runs.

*Although I should note the similarities are strong: a kindly old man with a history of puppetry attempting to recreate nature; life finding a way; theme park islands with a very dark side; pursuit by giant beasts… I may actually have to rethink my whole reading of Jurassic Park now. And reread it, of course.