Part One of the process posts for Catherynne M Valente’s collection The Bread We Eat in Dreams  (from Subterranean Press) is here. If you click on the pictures, most should have an option to see a larger version.

Sketchbook - first page

The many-talented Trudi Canavan once gave me several accordion-fold sketchbooks. I used one of them when I started reading through this collection, keeping a note of images for the stories, and those I’d like to use for the cover.

Sketchbook - Bread We Eat in Dreams

At the end, with a list of imagery, I made several thumbnail sketches for the cover. I still like that tiger with the human face.

Cover Sketches - Bread We Eat in Dreams

We went with the most scribbly design. I drew a key, to make sure I caught everything.

Cover Key - Bread We Eat In Dreams

I then pencilled and inked the cover (india ink, crow quill nib) on a piece of A1 drawing paper. I had to get it scanned at Officeworks, before adding colour on the computer – just a few shades of blue, and a scan of the blank, aged endpapers of an old book for texture.

Here is a (simplified) overview of the cover process:

Cover Process for The Bread We Eat in Dreams

Next – the internal illustrations!