Illustration Friday: Vanity

This week’s Illustration Friday topic was “Vanity”. That called to mind Ecclesiastes, “Vanity, vanity… a chasing after the wind”. And that in turn led to poor Curdkin always chasing his wind-blown cap in the fairytale of ‘The Goose Girl‘*.

Illustration Friday: Vanity

So here she is. It’s a pencil drawing with rough, flat digital colour, and why I decided to sit up and do this after a full day at work and walking, and in between all the other jobs I’m in the middle of, I do not know. Well, I have a suspicion it may be for all those reasons.

I’m also experimenting with some printers. I’ve made this picture available on Redbubble so that I can order a test print. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are the pencils, for comparison.

Illustration Friday: Vanity - pencil


*The version of the fairytale linked above has different rhymes than the ones I learnt, which were:

“Poor Falada, kind and true,
What evil has been done to you?”

“Bride, bride, what cruel fate
Brings you here beneath this gate?”


“Wind, wind, blow today,
Carry Curdkin’s cap away!”

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