Illustration Friday: Repeat, and Chrestomanci

Illustration Friday: Repeat


Sometimes you picture me, I’m walking too far ahead…“, “It’s wonderful Tina, the fruit, everything!“, local history and writerly conversations led, of course, to time travel and pineapples for this Illustration Friday topic.

And then, since I was thinking of repeating and returning, and someone on the DWJ fan list had a bright idea, I also drew Throgmorton and a loud declaration of provenance (for all the property of Chrestomanci Castle announces where it belongs, on being removed). I’ve put it up on Redbubble as a sticker book plate, and without the dotted line as a cushion or tote.

Chrestomanci book plate

5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Repeat, and Chrestomanci

  1. I love the Chrestomanci stories, and that book plate is marvellous!

    And I wonder what sort of story Diana Wynne Jones might have written to tell us what came before, and after, and forty-five degrees to the left of your “Repeat” illustration. What a shame we’ll never get to read it.

  2. I wish there were medium or large tote bags with that design (or indeed at all; the ‘Doubt not’ one tempts me); they say there are, but I can only order “small” and that’s too small.

  3. I just discovered the Chrestomanci books this month (though I’m a longtime Howl fan) and I just discovered your blog this week–and both are among my favorite New Things of 2015! Most excellent Throgmorton. :) (And the Daleks are great, as well!)

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