Cranky Ladies of History – cover art

The final cover for Cranky Ladies of History (from Fablecroft) has been revealed, and I have permission to share the cover process which, as is usually the case with cut-paper pieces, was quite short!

Here are the initial thumbnail sketches which I sent through to Fablecroft.

Cranky Ladies - cover thumbnails

Fablecroft decided to go with the silhouette style. I sketched it in pencil directly onto the back of a sheet of black paper (80gsm). Here are some shots,

Cranky Ladies cover in progress

Here is the final paper piece.

Cranky Ladies cover WIP

After scanning the silhouette in (and fixing a few small hiccups) I then tried several different layer effects in Photoshop Elements, added a shadow, and so forth.

Cranky Ladies - alternative colourways

I had fun mocking up cover quotes.

Cranky Ladies cover WIP


Fablecroft decided for the red version, which Amanda Rainey then laid out into the final cover design (this is the full hardback jacket).

Cranky Ladies - final hardcover jacket

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