Cabinet of Oddities concert – also rewards

This Sunday, 4 October 2015, I am taking part in The Cabinet of Oddities, a concert at The Novotel Canberra, 65 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, at 7pm. I am not playing an instrument. This is a very special concert, with brand new Australian flute music played by some of Australia’s finest flutists, which this audience will be the first to hear, and some new stories by some great science fiction writers, and new art by me!

The concert is FREE to members of Conflux and of the Australian Flute Festival. Others are welcome to buy tickets at for $15 (adults)/$10 (concession).

If you can’t come, there is still an opportunity to be involved (see below the flier)


In addition, because the crowdfunding didn’t work out, but the organisers still want to pay their artists, Dr Laura Goodin opened up a PayPal account into which you can donate, should you wish to support us. The address to donate to is

The account open until October 31, at which point everything collected will be divided amongst the project participants and the account closed.


The Ordinary Dalek

The Ordinary Dalek

Another rediscovered instalment of the Dalek Game! This one was for M M Kaye’s wonderful fairytale, The Ordinary Princess. The best princess, the best prince, the best wicked (or disgruntled) stepmother, the best names. Approached in my affections only by E Nesbit’s “Melisande, or Long and Short Division”, which loses because M M Kaye’s illustrations (her own work) are just so charming.

Exciting news!

Angela Slatter and I have signed with an agent: Alex Adsett Publishing Services! Alex will represent us as a writing/illustrating team, which is hugely exciting. I feel almost like an adult.

Here is a glimpse of one of the projects we have been working on:

Illustration for Genevieve and the Dragon

And here is my illustrator photo. The fox at top left is one of my favourite foxes so far. The mug behind the ink bottle is the Mozi peacock mug my younger sister gave me years ago and it definitely has tea in it! Not paint water.

Kathleen Jennings profile sketch

The Dalek in the Morning

The Dalek in the Morning

This is not a return to the series, unless I find vast quantities of time and space up my sleeves… but I found a page of Dalek Game pictures I never used!

This was for M. M. Kaye‘s very charmingly written autobiography The Sun in the Morning, an account of her childhood in the Raj in India.

Illustration Friday: Villain

Illustration Friday: VillainBack to the desultory playing card series for this Illustration Friday topic, “Villain”. This is not, incidentally, the original villain of my imaginary deck. One should, however, always be wary when taking directions from strange cats.

It is a tiny little cut-paper piece (although I had fun with the thistles and would like to do a larger version), digitally edited.

Illustration Friday: Villain