Tremontaine – time lapse

Here is a compilation of a few time-lapse videos behind-the-scenes on the early Tremontaine covers. The making of videos is an ongoing learning curve, and for part of this I had a rather unwieldy camera rig, with the phone attached to my collar by a gorillapod (if you look carefully, you can catch a glimpse of it in the photos on’s article). In the other parts, the gorillapod was wrapped around the neck of a bottle.

Season 1 is now complete, but the story has been renewed for a second season.

2 thoughts on “Tremontaine – time lapse

    • It’s a fine craft knife – not as fine as a scalpel which all the smart kids use. Also I keep forgetting where I put the spare blades and stopping to sharpen it on a stone, like a caveman. Thank you!

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