Birds and trees and bees… Illustration for Savour Soil Permaculture

Savour Soil Permaculture - cover photo

This recent commission was a cover photo for Savour Soil Permaculture’s Facebook page (a close-up of the image is here: large version).

I went out to see the business while I was in the area (it’s owned by friends), and was able to take some reference photos and sketch the set-up (although this is a loose interpretation). Michael also sent me some photos of the local workforce in action, which helped!


Savour Soil Permaculture - details

I roughed out the layout (the square box lower left is where the Facebook profile photo sits) and penciled everything into place, then printed it out fairly large, taped it to the back of a sheet of A3 drawing paper and inked it over the lightbox.

Once it was inked and approved, I scanned in the line work, cleaned up the lines in Inkscape and coloured them in Photoshop, keeping the colours fairly flat so that they make sense at a smaller scale.

I’ve been working on a number of illustrations with northern hemisphere trees, recently, and on this one I had to consciously push the greens back towards silver.

The wild birds (magpies, sulphur-crested cockatoo, kookaburra) are all locals to Savour Soil, and the pumpkin is a Queensland Blue.

You can find out more about Savour Soil on their Facebook page or website.

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