If you were watching on Twitter or Facebook and saw me drawing ships and sea-monsters, this is why!

The mastermind behind Kinds of Blue has created a new anthology, this time for children. It’s all drawn, and we are currently running a campaign on Pozible to take pre-orders, print it and get it out into the world:


There are stacks of rewards, including the chance to get a poster of my map of monsters. And broccoli. Also some Scots. And a really big mosquito.

Here Be Dragons

5 thoughts on “Monsters!

  1. So delightful!

    I want to support the project, but I don’t need any of the rewards (and don’t want to pay extra for shipping). At the moment, I can only give A$5 for that. Is there a way to add a category of “give what you want, no reward” to the Pozible page?

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