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Things Seen

  • Spotlight (movie): So understated, and almost all of its tension derived from knowing what would be about to happen if this were a Grisham movie. Fascinating to contrast to the stylistic choices of The Big Short, too. I really liked it.
  • Deadpool (movie): Read this review taking into account the rating (i.e. Mother, don’t watch this one). Great opening credits. An interesting addition to the category of “could a director have coaxed this performance from an actor who hadn’t jumped into it feet-first?”. It is not, however, a movie which held up on repeated thought. The plot let the concept down (interestingly a problem which the book of P&P&Z shared but the movie rectified).
  • The Secret River (play – Queensland Theatre Company): Wrenching, beautiful, tragic. There’s a dissatisfaction remaining which I’m still thinking about, which is not a criticism of the play but of this category of stories.