Illustration Friday: Weapon

Illustration Friday: Weapon

In which I endeavour to learn my way around Inkscape by way of Harry Potter fanart. Specifically young, mod McGonagall.


This began as a pen and ink drawing, which I may yet colour with watercolour. I don’t plan to use vector programs much more than I do at present (mostly for cleaning up lines), but there are always techniques it will be useful to know in case of future emergencies (this PSA brought to you by past emergencies).

2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Weapon

    • Thank you!

      Yes, I drew it by hand then scanned it in. I probably cleaned up the contrast etc in Photoshop. Then I imported it to Inkscape tidied up the lines by going to Path->Trace Bitmap. Once it was traced, I deleted the imported Bitmaps and kept the new lines. Then I coloured it by drawing around the areas I wanted to colour and filling those. I’m not very experienced at Inkscape!

      But I love the effect of hand-drawn lines, and the irregularities that stay even after they’re smoothed a bit into vectors.

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