Tremontaine Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10

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Here is the cover art for the next two episodes of Season 2 of Serial Box’s serialised prequel to Ellen Kushner’s Riverside novels, Tremontaine!

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So much drama! And everything is winding towards the TERRIBLE EVENTS of the last episodes.

Tremontaine S2 E9 - thumbnails

So we went for pure drama – a scene at the theatre, and lots of fun to be had with draperies, fringes and evil leaning gentlemen.

Tremontaine S2 E9 - pencil

And getting confused by all the curly bits.

Tremontaine S2 E9 - final cover

I should have put together a selection of Diane reaction shots from these thumbnails. She’s such a contained, boiling character.

Tremontaine S2 E10 - thumbnails

We had a bit of difficulties narrowing this one down – I ended up putting together full pencils for two of the thumbnail designs, and two of one image, because old fashioned locks aren’t always easily identifiable as such, especially at a small scale (worth image searching, though – so lovely).

Tremontaine S2 E10 - pencils

In the end we decided on Kaab, emoting.

Tremontaine S2 E10 - final cover

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