Illustration and Narrative workshops!

On 22 and 23 September 2018, I am giving two sets of workshops in Hervey Bay for the Fraser Coast Regional Council (a council initiative supported by a RADF grant).

The Narrative Art Masterclasses (22 September or 23 September,1-2:30pm, $15) are for illustrations and/or writers with some experience in their field.

Join Kathleen as she demonstrates how stories can be broken down and recombined to strengthen old narratives and generate new ones, whether in writing or illustration. Participants will use writing and/or art to identify the powerful elements of great myths and play with the possibilities as they build up a story idea or illustration.

The Book of Marvellous Birds workshops (22 September or 23 September, 9-11:30am, free) are for ages 8+.

Kids and adults alike will work with professional artist Kathleen Jennings to learn how an illustrator plays with pictures and ideas to create stories. In this workshop you will learn technique, style and application of ideas, all while filling your own accordion-fold book with strange and marvellous birds.

Registration is through the links above. I’m very excited about these workshops!

(These events are proudly supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund).

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