The Wicked King – map!


Holly Black’s The Wicked King, the follow-up to The Cruel Prince, is now well and truly out. Finally. I’ve been sitting on the plot of this book for a year and am delighted at seeing everyone else’s reactions to it now.


I did not do the cover — that is by artist Sean Freeman and senior designer Karina Granda, and they have a post about it here: Evolution of a Cover.

I, however, did draw the internal ornaments, and… updated the map.


The map begins from the same place as my map for The Cruel Prince, with certain shifts and adjustments for the direction this book takes.


Below is one of my favourite changed details. Before:


And after:


I’m gradually expanding the published maps category over on my portfolio. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “The Wicked King – map!

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  3. Hi I know this is a few years old but can you help me understand why there is a page in the Wicked King that reads book 1. It confused me and I thought I was grabbing book one- an attempt to not rely on my cell phone while choosing a book. I am just trying to literally understand the layout of the book at this point. I am confused.

    • Hi! I am but the humble illustrator, and don’t recall the precise details (I’m not near my copy). However: it might be that the novel is divided into “books”, i.e. parts/sections? For instance Lord of the Rings does this, too, so each of the three volumes is actually made up of two books (if I recall correctly). I hope that helps.

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