Tiny Birds


Some tiny birds from the margins and interstices of my notebook/journal. I quite like the faint shadow on the owl (top right).

They aren’t illustrative of anything in particular except, perhaps, horror vacui (what else are dragons for?).

The brown birds were, however, suggested by some sketches I did in the Qld Museum on Saturday, while I watched children being towed away from fascinated contemplation of fossils to look at snakes, and being blindsided by the actual height of a bush stone curlew.



(NB: some of those are affiliate links which means I might get a very small commission if you buy something after clicking through, but I do encourage you to buy/order from local art stores if you have them!)

4 thoughts on “Tiny Birds

  1. We have local art stores but one hates children (even threatened to call the police when spouse was about to buy 200 euros worth of materials for his own kids and a friend to use) and the other has only fashionable chalk paint. So we buy a lot of stuff when we’re in other towns and happen across an art store, and buy some online as well.

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