Welcome to Lauren Dixon’s new collection


A new cover is out in the world! Welcome to the Bitch Bubble, a collection of stories by Lauren Dixon, is now available for preorder (consult your local bookstore, but failing one of those, see also B&N, Amazon), and will be published by Hydra House 12 May 2020.

The collection, per Hydra House, is “of stories both published and unpublished, including “Double Dutch,” “Floating Feathers, Red Wings and Wild,” “Sheela of the Good Shepherd,” “If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Hire a Yeti,” and many others. Her fiction walks the line between the strange, the weird, and the humorous, often in unsettling ways.”

I’ll put up a process post a bit later (patrons have been seeing this in stages), closer to the release date, but here is a cyanotype test of the skeleton in a sundress.


Oh, and it’s a full cover. Cover type by Andy Romine.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lauren Dixon’s new collection

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