Bad Cover Versions

Further to previous posts on alternative covers (Flyaway cover comparison), here’s a little activity I set myself for the observation journal (a proof-of concept journal I started keeping for a creativity subject I tutor).

Helen Marshall, the lecturer for another course I tutor, set an activity during a check-in writing session where we all had to come up with ten terrible ideas for books. After I did that, I thought it would be fun to come up with 5 terrible mispackagings of an actual story-in-progress (title, tagline, cover art).


And it was fun — illuminating, definitely warning of cliches, but surprisingly endearing, too.

Activity for artist/writers/readers

  • Think of a book (your own, or one you’ve read). Choose 5 different genres, and quickly reimagine the book into each (in the worst possible way — this keeps it fun). Come up with title, tagline/blurb and cover art. For writers: a quick scribble nodding to classic covers in that genre will do it; for artists: go to town (it’s also an effective way of coming up with your own illustration projects — I used to do it with The Lady of Shalott occasionally).

4 thoughts on “Bad Cover Versions

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