Small projects and tiny unicorns

Another pleasure of small projects is falling into tiny pieces that exist purely to pursue a pleasing line, or to test a sliver of an idea, with no immediate or greater purpose: a single silhouette, a miniature of a tree, a poem, a vignette.


These were some tiny silhouettes I did two years ago, in Brittany at the Arthurian festival at the Château de Comper (an enchanting — and enchanted — place). It was a hot summer day, and I was sitting at our table under a canopy, watching a girl on a unicorn riding towards the food van (“Morgana le Crepe”), listening to French novelists discussing the state of the publishing industry but (without the very able translation of Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner!) able to say very little more in French than “Harry Potter! Tu es un Sorcier.”



(I don’t think I ever posted about this trip — a bit of catching up to do on sketchbooks!)

5 thoughts on “Small projects and tiny unicorns

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