Observation journal: Plenty and time

I’m sharing this end-of-week observation journal summary partly for the birds (I’d been sketching in the museum, so you might have seen them before on that post). But I also like glancing back at these summary pages (I’ve already posted one from the week before) to see which preoccupations evolve, which stick around, and which recur at intervals.

With touching naivety, I was still flouncing about whether I wanted more to go out or stay home. But a few other other elements that stand out are:

“Sense of abundance” — whether of time or words or anything else. This is less mystical than it sounds: it’s largely about tricking myself into doing things. It’s not about having a lot, as such, but approaching it in a way that makes it seem like there’s more than enough. It ties into appreciating physical materials, and also into the enjoyment of feeling that I don’t have to be back from a walk at a specific time — and also into learning to find and value little bits of time. It’s connected, too, to a sense of peaceful wonder that I like to find in stories and the world. I haven’t teased these elements apart yet. I also hate shopping when sales are on, because I don’t like to be pressured, so clearly a career based almost entirely around deadlines is perfectly suited to me.

“Training when becalmed” — which is a reference to Hornblower and/or Master and Commander. Not that there was any becalming. Things were already getting busier when I wrote this. But I’ve always liked the plot element of people using quiet stretches to get really good at mundane activities, ready to swing into action when required. It’s much like doing scales in stolen moments, practising ideas and movements of the pen, and that’s what the observation journal became. Little oases of calm in which to think and play and get better at small things, in advance of needing them.

“Looking for ways to describe things under/behind the surface of things” — a continuing preoccupation, although later in the journal it shifts to a study of metaphor. It’s connected to the “subcutaneous clouds” reference on this page from earlier in the week.

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