Terri Windling and Kate Forsyth on Flyaway

Flyaway is out in a week! (!!!!) And two new comments have appeared about it, from two people whose taste in stories I like very much.

Terri Windling

Terry Windling’s newest Bumblehill Studio newsletter is out. (You can subscribe to the newsletter here, or support Terri on Patreon, and/or read her World Fantasy Award nominated blog Myth & Moor).

As well as news and recommendations and publishing and fairy tales, the most recent newsletter contains Terri’s note on Flyaway:

“Kathleen Jennings’ first novel, Flyaway, finally comes out this month, so I can sing its praises at last. Set in a magical version of rural Australia, and told in prose so perfect you could weep, I was stunned by the power of this slim book. I haven’t been this excited by a new voice in fantasy since reading the early stories of Kelly Link and Susanna Clarke — two very different writers, yes, but both of them expanded the boundaries of our field. In her own unique way, so does Kathleen. Please, don’t miss this gem.”

Terri Windling

Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow’s anthologies — and many of the writers featured in and influenced by them — shaped so much of my love of fantasy and appreciation for its possibilities. To have Terri read and love Flyaway (and Ellen be my editor!) is still a delight that’s a little hard to believe is true.

Kate Forsyth

And just as I was about to post this, Kate Forsyth‘s “What Katie Read” came out on Booktopia: What Katie Read: Kathleen Jennings, Anne Gracie, and more.

She talks about many wonderful old and new books in that post, so you should read the whole thing (Dorothy Sayers!), but she also reviews Flyaway, concluding:

“…The result is a dark and delicate fairy-tale-infused mystery set in a hot, dry, dingo-howl haunted Australian landscape – such a fresh voice and intriguing tale!

Kate Forsyth

Kate is a dear and splendid Australian writer of fantasy and fairy tales, and one whom I’ve had the chance to work with once or twice — and hopefully one day soon again! And it is so lovely to know the people whose taste you admire have read something you’ve written, and got it.

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