Tubby and Coos and Kelly Link — video

Last week was the USA launch event for Flyaway — a most delightful conversation with Kelly Link, hosted by Tubby and Coo’s Mid-City Bookshop (New Orleans) and Candice Huber, in which we discuss visual description and chickens and plan road trips to Louisiana (one day).

Kelly Link, as well as being Kelly Link, is of Book Moon Books (Northampton, Massachusetts), who are some of my favourite people, and here is their newsletter write-up of Flyaway (a newsletter worth subscribing to, while you’re there):

The video is now up on Facebook, so you should be able to watch it through there:

And next week, on the 18th of August, another favourite bookstore (check the acknowledgments, incidentally), Avid Reader bookstore is hosting the Australian launch event: an in-conversation with Fiona Stager, with an introduction by Garth Nix! More on Avid Reader and its windows soon.

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