Flyaway reviews!

A flurry of Flyaway reviews! It’s out now and can be bought at good bookstores and online — and there’s an online event (with Garth Nix) through Avid Reader at 6:30pm AEST on Tuesday 18th August — considerably earlier in most other time zones.

Here is a delightful review from Feathers of Icarus (Krystal Lee), which also makes me laugh — it is so very charming and intensely thorough:

Feathers of Icarus — Review: Flyaway

But I’m so in love with this ruthless little beastie

Kerryn Goldsworthy reviewed Flyaway in the Sydney Morning Herald Fiction reviews:

Fiction reviews: No Presents Please and three other titles

…  a richly visual story…

And while it wasn’t in Indie Bound‘s numbered bestsellers (congratulations to them!), it did get a nod as one of their Other Indie Favourites, with Aimee Keeble’s review, which was so thrilling.

Trying to categorize this wonderful novel would be like putting a unicorn into a horse box.

And to my joy and very happy amusement, there is also a review in the September issue (out now) of The Australian Women’s Weekly, a magazine whose recipes — but in particular whose birthday cakes (happy 40th anniversary to that cookbook!) — have loomed so large in many Australian lives and childhoods (this issue of course also contains some lovely photos from Princess Beatrice’s wedding — I like to think Nerida Scott of Flyaway would have approved).

And you can find Flyaway through all good bookstores and online — and there’s an online event on Tuesday I’m excited about — but do check the timezone!

(And, of course, I’m rather pleased with the window drawings.)

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