Podcast interview: Intermultiversal Space

“a prismatic work, a work of poetry decanted into the beating chambers of a novella, a living and breathing novella which is never prosaic”

Last week I had a lovely long rambling interview/conversation with Gareth Jelley of Intermultiversal Space to talk a little about Flyaway and a lot about… well, books, the effect of landscape on story, the Spitfire doing loops over my house, and narrative time as dealt with in Icelandic sagas vs Poirot.

Here’s a teaser clip of it on Twitter (in which I inexplicably got soil types confused — I should have said sand and black soil, but there were also clay and red dirt areas — there was a lot of area!)

But the full podcast episode is here on soundcloud: Episode 13 — Kathleen Jennings.

And you can find Intermultiversal Space generally (and there are some interviews with very interesting people, such as P. Djèlí Clark and Seanan McGuire) on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Podcast interview: Intermultiversal Space

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