Tools of the Trade: Pointy Objects

Over on Instagram, Battenkill Books asked whether I worked with extremely tiny tools.

My regular set are not so much tiny as extremely pointy. Here they are:

Left to right:

  • standard no.11 craft knife (the handle is a Fiskars Softgrip Detail Knife) — cutting and very occasionally scraping
  • mechanical pencil with 0.5mm HB leads (handle is a Bic Quantech # 2) — sketching, final line work, as a stylus for tracing down sketches with graphite paper
  • dip pen (nib is a Hunt crowquill 102) — nearly all my ink linework (very occasionally touched up with a fine pigment liner if I realise I’ve missed a line and have already packed the inks away)
  • no. 8 round brush (this one’s just an Artist’s First Choice taklon) — I do almost all my brushwork with this or something similar

I do use a few other things — Pitt Artist Pens in the sketchbook kit (I’ve got a post coming up elsewhere about that technique, so photos of those soon), scratchboard tools and some pigment pens with that, Pilot BPS-GP <F> ballpoint pen in the Observation Journal. But these are the main ones.

In the background is a paint tin I filled myself with Daniel Smith paints. After I worked through my feelings on all the sample colours (see Loving the Tools), I finally ordered all the colours I used most. But then I just wasn’t using them as often — there’s a lot more set-up and forethought and commitment involved in using wet paints from the tube.

So I used the time during some Zoom sessions to fill these little empty half-pans (it’s a Meeden watercolour tin), so that I can simply wet a brush and go (in this case with an overused little old brush, outlining windows for the journal).

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