Flyaway reviews and interview

Flyaway was recommended on WAMCRadio’s Book Picks by Connie Brooks at Battenkill Books! And in some EXTREMELY good company.

Jemimah Brewster reviewed Flyaway for Artshub:

Flyway is a brilliant piece of Australian Gothic literature; the dread in the air, the macabre details lurking in the shadows, and the unease of the landscape that Jennings writes is so unsettling it’s like every creepy, weird campfire ghost story rolled together, with a heavy dose of sinister fairy tale thrown in.

And here is an interview Harry Spiteri did with me last November at the World Fantasy Convention, before Flyaway came out (although ARCs were just beginning to be in circulation). He has just released it as the first episode of The Harry Spiteri Show:

And here is Harry reading Flyaway on a boat:

Photo by

Also: On Friday night (US)/Saturday morning (AUS) I’m talking about Flyaway and art and writing games for the Storied Imaginarium!

And further: Travelogues can be ordered now, and is out next week!

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