World Fantasy Awards

Trophy sculpture by Vincent Villafranca

The World Fantasy Awards have been announced, and to the very great astonishment of me and my dot-point just-in-case notes, I have received the World Fantasy Award for Artist.

My fellow-nominees this year were Tommy Arnold, Galen Dara, Julie Dillon, and Wendy Froud — inspirations and heroes (and in more than one case, friends). Their work is amazing, and I feel like I’m running along behind them trying to touch the hems of their coats.

I think I also managed to thank many of the key publishers and art directors who have given me wonderful artistic opportunities — from Kelly and Gavin at Small Beer Press to Irene Gallo at and the very long list of many other dear friends and presses in between.

Here is the full list of winners and nominees — an excellent collection of books to read and projects to pursue and art to look at: Locus Magazine — World Fantasy Award Winners.

12 thoughts on “World Fantasy Awards

  1. Well deserved award! I’ll treasure my copies of books you have illustrated all the more (I love text and illustrations for Flyaway and the pictures for The River Bank). Your blog is great, too. Congratulations.

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