Rather old drawings

I have, for various reasons (none of which turned out to be taking the opportunity to actually organise it) been engaged in a deep dive into my very large crate of art archives.

Pencil sketches of people floating while reading.
Sketches for Weightless Books

It turned into a bit of a journey through the physical underpinnings of the old Illustration Friday pictures. That tag is a stroll through short-lived fascinations and working out how to draw what I meant (and a few longer-lived ones).

Drawings of Harriet Vane in a tiger-patterned blouse, and in her gold wedding dress with a tiger behind her.
Dorothy Sayers fanart from 2013!

But something that particularly struck me was how long ago some recent projects actually started.

Ink and watercolour drawing of a blonde girl with two crows flying behind her. She is holding a lemon, and written below is "lemon-heart".
This has a 2013 vibe to it but it could be more recent. All the letters are in the signature, though, and I don’t do that any more.

I found sketches and lines and panels for stories that are only just now getting off the ground (as well as reams of pages for the two comics I did for the Candlewick short story anthologies).

It’s reassuring, finding evidence of these little threads weaving themselves together over years.

Some things, of course, don’t change. I still use a Hunt Crowquill #102 with Winsor & Newton black ink, for preference, and draw procrastinatory beasts.

Various ink drawings with a hand-written description of nibs and ink and satisfying curiousity about divided skirts in Wheel of Time.

And weep over deadlines.

Ink drawings of self in a state of despond, requesting caffeine or food.
Messages sent to (I think) my housemate (read from the bottom up). I don’t remember what the sofa stand-off was.

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