Travelogues: a line or two

Some lovely news from Brain Jar Press about Travelogues!

Kathleen Jennings' Travelogues: on track to be the bestselling book of the month for Brain Jar three months running.

"I think autumn is an invention, an infection.

Culverts and buttresses, cuttings and weighbridges, iron and concrete both softened and fall-stained. A pine-green shed, a turned-bone tanker. Both bleed and lichen and bloom.

At home it is spring, the variegated-rose bark is peeling like ribbon candy and the trees are shedding violet and scarlet like painted shade. Fall is made-up, like yellow schoolbuses, sororities and American high schools."

You can buy or order Travelogues now through most good retailers (see links on the publisher’s website), and there’s an option to have it shipped from the nearest printer, which seems to make things faster than shipping everything from Australia.

“Travelogues: Vignettes From Trains in Motion is a poet’s plunge into an oil-slickered, shadow-hung, ivy-clung alternate reality. Jennings’ world is deeply familiar and ultimately alien: a world minutely observed, in fast forward, warped by fairy lenses. Her reflections are relentless, ecstatic, declamatory, are illuminated motion. This whole metaphorical journey-by-rails is a fantasia, a phantasm, at times wistful, at others muscular and machine-like, with the occasional wry aside about the terribleness of the coffee. “Hello, book!” I want to shout. “I know you! And yet, I have never met your like.” Let’s never get to Salisbury. Let this train ride never end.”
– C. S. E. Cooney, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Bone Swans: Stories

Travelogues: Vignettes From Trains in Motion tracks between fairytale forest and human industry, refiguring the railway through the tender wildness of the everyday. Delightfully unexpected in their metaphors, as wrought in sound as in image, these poems embody our attention and our daydreams—casting new light, new shadows. Jennings makes magic of the detail and colour of the quotidian world, where a cluster of rust-wrecked cars are kindred with autumn leaves, where a bare tree twins curves of concrete, where a train is a knife slicing through butter-and-honey light. Nearly there, nearly there. A world at work, remade through window and motion. And further.”
– Shastra Deo, Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize winning author of The Agonist

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