2020 Calendar Art Roundup

Here is all the calendar art for 2020! Bees, library foxes, giants, crows, unicorns, groves, sewing equipment, Australian wildflowers, Regency games, a skeleton orchestra, mysterious plants, and a sky of starry animals. If you go through the calendar tag you can see close-ups.

All this art (and more besides) was made possible with the support of patrons on Patreon.com/tanaudel (from $1 a month) and those of you who threw a few coins in the tip jar at paypal.me/tanaudel — thank you very much to all of you!

Many of these designs are available as prints and on phone cases, scarves, etc at Redbubble, and a few of them on fabric at Spoonflower.

I’m not sure what my personal favourite is. There are elements of all of them — the library foxes amuse me, and the tiny bee drawings make me happy, and there are small allusions and entertainments in all of them. I’m probably best-pleased with the wildflowers, because I was trying something a little different, and because I made it to celebrate the publication of Flyaway.

And here are the last four years all together (I was doing calendars before then, but I don’t think I did any round-up posts).

I just noticed that there’s a regular progression of one less bright month each year, so if I don’t take care, by 2022 it will probably all be dusky twilight.

6 thoughts on “2020 Calendar Art Roundup

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