Creative theory: Shoes that fit

Small pen drawing of a person trying on boots (with difficulty).

One of my main memories of Toronto is a pair of beautiful Italian boots that definitely did not fit, and the shoe salesman who was determined to make them.

Which is to say: there is some very good advice out there, and wise friends who give it to me. But while I can intellectually appreciate it, and sort of clomp around in it, the advice — like shoes — often needs either wearing in, or to be reworked into a shape that fits the way I think. It took me a while (and some frustrated friends) to work that out.

That is what this little series of theories has been about.

Small pen drawing of a person happily clomping around in large flat boots.
My grandmother said I would be (even) taller if I did not have so much tucked under.

One of the uses of the observation journal has been working out how to make advice fit, or how to wriggle into it. But more of that soon — there was a missing week in the middle that I’ve just scanned and processed.

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