Now panic and freak out

Screenshot: "Possible? Just because I'm rolling around panicking about my presentation (part of my process).
Email postponing something else I will panic about later.

I am giving a presentation tomorrow, and am therefore being overwrought about it.

Gif of woman in blue dress flinging herself dramatically onto sofa.
Me, but imagine I have known about this presentation for 13 months

So much time management advice declares The One True And Efficient Way to do things. It’s all very appealing in a sort of model home way, but it rarely plays well with my actual life and brain (no storage space, for one thing). And even when I’m at my most organised, I will still find something to stress about.

Chris Fleming gif, in-character as a woman carrying a vacuum cleaner and saying "Get rid of the couches. We can't let people know we SIT!"
From Chris Fleming’s Company is Coming

Yes it should be more energy-efficient to never have to panic, but it turns out performative alarm is part of my process. And fighting against that inclination is exhausting.

What has worked best for me: scheduling panicking time. That way I get to both hyperventilate AND check “be dramatic” off my list.

Painting of an amateur opossum actress clutching its chest dramatically.
Halfway through (me) writing this post, Angela Slatter sent me this. The art is “Amateur Opossum Actress” by Rebecca Kriz/TruBluArt, and prints of the painting are available on INPRNT.

Edit: It was, of course, fine.

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