February calendar — beside the seaside

Note: This calendar is supported by patrons, who get it a little bit early, along with other sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes art: patreon.com/tanaudel, and also by those very kind people who throw a few dollars towards it via the tip jar: paypal.me/tanaudel

Welcome to February! It had been a little while since I did a mermaid calendar (here’s a round-up of the last four years of calendar art). And for some reason, I thought I should hand-draw all those little waves. (They were all drawn in black ink — I changed the colours digitally). I’m still on a midcentury-inspired colouring kick (see also January).

Fish are one of the subjects I find unnecessarily effortful to draw. This time I decided I didn’t care about accuracy, and instead went for a Seuss/Baynes effect. I rather like them.

As you can see, I’ve drawn it to work as a repeating pattern. I have not yet made it actually repeat, mostly because I was working on my PhD confirmation presentation (first year milestone — the presentation was on Friday). I will put this up on Redbubble, etc, when the pattern is completed. So stay tuned if you’re into art on things!

And here (for personal use) are the printable versions. If you like them and/or like supporting the arts, you can contribute to the calendar (and get it and other behind-the-scenes things early) at patreon.com/tanaudel (starts at US$1/month!) or through the tip jar at paypal.me/tanaudel.

Edit: This design is now also up as a print and on some clothes, cases, etc at Redbubble.

6 thoughts on “February calendar — beside the seaside

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