Georgette Heyer Un-Conference Thursday 25 Feb

Look what’s happening this Thursday 25 February (UK time)! It’s the launch of Georgette Heyer, History, and Historical Fiction, and features an astonishing lineup of live and pre-recorded events, including Lois McMaster Bujold and Stephen Fry (!!!).

You can sign up here: Georgette Heyer: An Un-Conference – 25 February 2021

The book is from UCL Press and is very reasonably priced for an academic book (including free digital access).

And here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction: the Persistence of Georgette Heyer
    Samantha Rayner and Kim Wilkins
  • Part 1: Gender
    • 1. ‘Where History says little, Fiction may say much’ (Anna Barbauld): the historical novel in women’s hands in the mid-twentieth century
      Kathryn Sutherland
    • 2. The not so silly ass: Freddy Standen, his fictional contemporaries and alternative masculinity
      Geraldine Perriam
    • 3. Judith Taverner as dandy-in-training in Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck
      Laura George
  • Part 2: Genre
    • 4. Pride and prejudice: metafiction and the value of historical romance in Georgette Heyer
      Kim Sherwood
    • 5. Loving and giving: realism, emotional hypocrisy, and generosity in A Civil Contract
      Jennifer Clement
    • 6. Georgette Heyer and redefining the Gothic romance
      Holly Hirst
    • 7. Heyer . . . in Space! The Influence of Georgette Heyer on science fiction
      Kathleen Jennings
  • Part 3: Sources
    • 8. All’s Well That Ends Well: Shakespearean Echoes in Heyer’s Regency novels
      Lisa Hopkins
    • 9. Georgette Heyer, Wellington’s Army and the First World War
      Vanda Wilcox
    • 10. Georgette Heyer and the language of the historical novel
      Tom Zille
  • Part 4: Circulation and Reception
    • 11. A reluctant movie? The Reluctant Widow on screen
      Lucie Bea Dutton
    • 12. Georgette Heyer – guilty pleasures
      Amy Street
    • 13. Data science: Georgette Heyer’s historical novels and her readers
      Helen Davidge

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