Observation journal: abbreviations and omissions

The observation journal doesn’t always go to plan.

I try to do it every week day — I enjoy it, and it feels like an achievement (reviewing, and using it for class, and posting about it all add impetus, of course), and I wanted to prove something — and also it is possible to complete it in under 10 minutes, although I rarely do. I also have a few go-to activities for when I’m finishing it very late at night — they haven’t appeared yet, but they’ll start showing up soon.

I don’t keep it on weekends, although it makes me feel as if wonderful things are passing me by. But originally I wanted to set a reasonable example for the students who had to keep a journal for assessment, and it’s nicer to be wishing I was doing the journal than resenting it, and also to have a couple of days to reset and review and be eager again! (Life lessons…)

Double page observation journal spread. Each is divided into four boxes, containing respectively 5 things seen, heard, and done, and a picture (one of me standing on one leg pulling my hair, the other of a hot water bottle).

But very occasionally I’ve simplified the situation and just completed the observation pages (as above, when I had a procedure during the week — it was only moderately urgent, and I think the specialist was just happy to have a procedure he was allowed to do in that early lockdown).

And once or twice I slept through it.

Double page spread of gridded paper across which is written "Somehow I actually, for the first time, fell asleep w/o doing this. But = first time!"

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