Books! Birthdays!

Hey, it’s my birthday! This means I can wave my books around and suggest that, for a birthday present, you could buy a copy for yourself, or a library, or a friend! (Or borrow it from a library — that’s nice too!)

  • Flyaway is a beautiful creepy Australian Gothic novella/short novel, and is for those who appreciate fairy tales and sunlight and night in the trees — there’s a lot about it on this page. It has silhouettes!
  • Travelogues is a chapbook collection of glimpses from train windows. It’s for those who love travel, or trains, or landscapes, or Massachusetts or New York State or England, or the process of filtering all of those through language. You can read more about it in the posts under the “Travelogues” tag. All the pictures in this one are in words — it’s very much a written sketchbook.

3 thoughts on “Books! Birthdays!

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