May 2021 — round-up of posts

Pencil sketch with digital colour of me grumpily editing

Here is quick summary of the May blog posts (not including Patreon posts).

The starred posts have art and writing exercises (tags: writing exerciseart exercise), but most of the observation journal posts can generally be adapted for those purposes too.

Glimpse of dragon head and the lettering "Hoard"

Posts over on Patreon, at various tiers, included: two process posts on a yet-to-be-published map, two weeks worth of Observation Journal pages, a sneak-peek at a design for an art-swap, some examples of how I use computers in non-digital drawing, a new Dalek, and some dragon-themed stationery.

Biro drawing of mermaid on a hillock.
I had to stop the Mermay mermaid drawings due to other deadlines I couldn’t turn into mermaid excuses. I did sketch this one while I was at the writers festival.

Note: If you’d like to support art and writing and posts like these about it, patrons at ( get behind-the-scenes process and sneak-peeks, starting from US$1, or you could buy me a (virtual) coffee or two at (and I get through quite a bit of coffee).

Silhouette pen drawing of mermaid reading a book.

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