Do Panic

Amateur Opossum Actress by Rebecca Kriz

I bought a print of “Amateur Opossum Actress” by Rebecca Kriz, because this is basically my approach to any endeavour with a deadline or other degree of commitment/external expectation.

At this point, it helps to acknowledge that behaving like this is simply my process. It takes a lot less energy to plan for dramatics than to try and avoid them.

(I also schedule panicking time for some projects, so when I’m hyperventilating and people check up on me I can say ‘No, this is fine, this is what I’m meant to be doing!’)

If you, too, are an amateur opossum actress, I highly recommend buying a print from Rebecca Kriz!

(The other illustration is an original Belinda Jane Morris painting for my story “Skull & Hyssop” — the story was in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #31, the painting was a last commission from the days of being a lawyer. The cross-stitch is Rapunzel, designed & stitched by me even longer ago.)

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