July 2021 — round-up of posts

Moustache-twirling villainy

Here is quick summary of the July blog posts (not including Patreon posts).

The starred posts have art and writing exercises (tags: writing exerciseart exercise), but most of the observation journal posts can generally be adapted for those purposes too.

Posts over on Patreon, at various tiers, included: early sneak-peeks at illustrations, sketch studies, several weeks of observation journal pages, advance glimpses at the notes for a finished but not-yet-announced writing project, general writing updates, and a one-page comic test.

Red and black Procreate drawing of a person in a wooden tub saying "come in!" and another person peering through the curtains.

Note: If you’d like to support art and writing and posts like these about it, patrons at (patreon.com/tanaudel) get behind-the-scenes process and sneak-peeks, starting from US$1, or you could buy me a (virtual) coffee or two at ko-fi.com/tanaudel (and I get through quite a bit of coffee).

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