All the 2021 calendar pages

Every month (with the support of patrons) I make a printable (and colour-able) calendar page.

And here are all the pages of monthly 2021 calendar art in one place! I’m always a little startled to get to the end of a year and remind myself how much I drew during the year just making these, let alone… everything else. (Here’s the 2020 collection.) I’ve put the individual pages larger at the bottom of this post.

My favourite calendar page keeps shifting. I do very much like the July houses because of the different approach, and the frogs from May because they look velvety. But then the April fairy-tale motifs ended up inspiring the cover design for WQ Magazine. And the fish and waves from February got into two separate projects (illustrations for a secret book and a map for a book that is yet to be announced). But March’s rondels and April’s motifs have proved useful demonstrations for writing workshops.

Then the houses were a useful sampler of styles, but also research for something I’m illustrating and another piece I’m writing (and my mother wanted the line drawing for quilt backing). And all of them were places to try out approaches to surface patterns, or altered techniques, or new tools. And the chairs have been a long time coming, and the chicken-legged houses amuse me…

Note: Want to support the arts? This calendar is made possible by patrons, who get it a little bit early, along with other sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes art (patron levels start at very low amounts!): It is also supported by those very kind people who throw a few dollars towards it via the tip jar: And many of these designs are available as prints, clothes, cases, etc on Redbubble, as fabrics and wallpaper on Spoonflower, and as prints in InPrnt

And below are all the designs, larger:

January calendar — houses running from girls
FFebruary calendar — beside the seaside
An ink drawing on a mottled blue background of 12 floral wreaths/rondels, colouredin pale beige and white, including stars & moths, grasshopper & dandelions, heron, crown, bees, spiderweb, goblet, fox, moon, cat, bouquets, and a snuffed candle.
March Calendar — Rondels
A black page with images in grey and yellow: bucket, sword, boot, horse, fox, dress, crown, apple, candle, chest, hand, skull, glass coffin, rose, needle and pin, poppet, shears, window, raven, strawberries, glass bell, fish, book, coin
April Calendar: silver and gold
A pattern of dragonflies, waterlilies, golden balls, and crowned frogs on a dark background, in shades of mauve and olive/sage
May calendar — Frog princes
June 2021 Calendar — Dragons
July 2021 calendar — Houses
August Calendar: Sprigs
September Calendar — Chairs
October Calendar — Bats!
November 2021 Calendar — Chickens
December 2021 Calendar — the mail

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