December 2021 — round-up of posts

Happy new year!

Here is quick master list of the December 2021 blog posts (not including Patreon posts).

Posts over on Patreon, at various tiers, included: a printable booklet of colouring pages from the calendars, some Daleks engaging in public transportation, writing updates, tv sketching, glimpses of personal projects (including the first notice of the Twitter bot I’ve been tinkering with, @girlfleeshouse), a rather large digital booklet of 2021’s TV sketches, and (for those who receive stories) a PDF zine of advice for girls fleeing houses.

Note: If you’d like to support art and writing and posts like these about it, patrons at ( get behind-the-scenes process and sneak-peeks, starting from US$1, or you could buy me a (virtual) coffee or two at (and I get through quite a bit of coffee).

2 thoughts on “December 2021 — round-up of posts

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