2021 Art — an incomplete survey

An illustration from one of the illustrated stories for certain supporters on patreon.com/tanaudel

This post is a non-exhaustive round-up of this year’s art — projects published, projects completed, things I can’t show or can only discuss indirectly, and so on. Images link to posts, where they exist. (For writing, see 2021 Writing Update.)

It’s quite long, because of the images, so if you’re reading on the blog, the rest is below this cut:

Front cover of magazine in brown, blue, and yellow:
T, shears, moon, tortoise, rabbit, mayfly, girl with flag, I, swallow, M, shark, acorn, comet, pomegranate, rakali, E
WQ Magazine cover
Tiny black-line drawing with dashes of blue and yellow marker. 
People stand in front of paper on the wall. One says "Tron motorcycle system. Fireworks - pew pew pew pew"
Defence Innovation Bridge sketching
A variety of printable stationery for patrons on patreon.com/tanaudel
12 new Daleks — I’m stockpiling them, they’ll escape containment eventually.
Playing around with tiny comics on for patreon.com/tanaudel
White card with a black cut-paper silhouette of a dragon holding a ring of keys that spell "BEN"
Family birthday cards
Silhouette pen drawing of mermaid reading a book.
One of only a few Mermay drawings, this year
Other tiny tests & examples on patreon.com/tanaudel

And much other art, including:

  • Many, many observation journal drawings
  • Twelve-ish tiny illustrated stories and comics for supporters on patreon
  • Sketches, test patches, etc for future illustration, picture book and comic projects
  • Sketchbook generally, when it was possible to leave the house
  • Bookplates
  • Two more maps (forthcoming)
  • Illustrations for a privately published book
  • Cover art for a reprint of a novel to be announced

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