TV Sketching: Queens of Mystery

Some sketches (done in Procreate) of Queens of Mystery Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2, “Sparring with Death” (Acorn TV).

The usual rules apply: no pausing.

Never enough time to draw houses!
Never trust a sauna
There were some very complicated chairs
Group shots are a trick at speed
Tiny shoelace-tying moment! Also: dramatic lighting remains enjoyable to draw.

It’s a very stylised show, which makes it a lot of fun to sketch: strong clear colour cues and coding, distinctive silhouettes, slightly exaggerated movements. I wouldn’t mind going back and sketching the first season.

7 thoughts on “TV Sketching: Queens of Mystery

  1. I love to do sketching like this too and on Procreate no less. It took me a while but Procreate is now as natural to me as my favorite traditional sketchbook, only different, of course. I must be brave and post something from my Procreate scribblings.

  2. Really fun show. As we watched the first two-parter of season two, I kept feeling something was slightly off with the main character…nothing bad, just…off. Then I looked it up and was educated to the fact that the actress had changed for this season. They did a really good job with making them look similar.

    I love the Pushing Daisies aspects of the show too.

    • Oh gosh! I was thinking “fuller cheeks? slightly ruddier?” hah! They did SUCH a fabulous job (and the actress especially) — the STRONG silhouettes, colour-coding, stylised costuming etc definitely helped sell that, though

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