February 2022 calendar — banners

Note: Want to support the arts? This calendar is made possible by patrons, who get it a little bit early, along with other sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes art (patron levels start at very low amounts!): patreon.com/tanaudel. It is also supported by those very kind people who throw a few dollars towards it via the tip jar: ko-fi.com/tanaudel.

Welcome to the edge of February!

For this calendar, I wanted to play with some patterns of ribbons and scrolls, to build up a vocabulary of flags to use as labels on maps (and for titles, etc). There’s also a sash for the Brave Little Tailor in there.

Technical details: I drew the line art with a dip pen and ink. I tidied the lines in Inkscape, and did flat colours, textures, and final adjustments in Photoshop. But I used Procreate on the iPad for the initial sketch, and to refine the shading.

And here (for personal use) are the printable versions — two pre-coloured and one to colour in yourself. If you like them and/or like supporting artists, you can contribute to the calendar (and get it and other behind-the-scenes things early) at patreon.com/tanaudel (starts at US$1/month!) or by buying me a coffee or two through Ko-Fihttps://ko-fi.com/tanaudel. Both are greatly appreciated!

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